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I highly recommend this vendor, product was quickly deliverd and in perfect condition.

Cassius Avalos

Keep doing right and the people you need will find you eventually, God bless your hustle.

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Paloma Soto

I prefer using bitcoin for my transactions because it’s very convenience, am coming back on friday.

Barrett Lindsey

I orderd in the UK and it was deliverd withing 5 days thanks for keeping into your promise, God bless your hustle bro.

Colette Santana

You got me feeling so fucking high man, i will probaly be needing another order by weekend.


Mohamed Gallegos

Shit came thru withing 24 hours and to me it’s crazy because i thought he was gonna scam me.thanks boss for keeping to your word.

Ari Nixon

People like you are really hard to find online now. i really do appreciate you.

Cory Ventura

I orderd from Canada and recieved it withing three days. words cannot express how i feel right now am so happy.

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Zora Gallagher

Happy with my chioce of order i made and recieved it on time word’s can’t express how i feel now. the customers care was so good and helpful.

Marcos Watkins

Thanks for making this happend on time, my boy needs another in orlando fl.

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Lola Zavala

Super fast ship on time, bro you’r the man i have been going around the internet trying to catch, you make my day bro.

Dillon Clayton

My people worship me now because of you, stay safe for me broski let’s make this money together.

Saige Holt

You are my best freind now bro. please respond to my new order and i got BTC.

The overall use of flatsome is very VERY useful. It lacks very few, if any, things! I loved it and have created my first ever website Punsteronline.com! Best yet, flatsome gets free updates that are great! (and the support is amazing as well!:)

Mark Jance / Facebook

This theme is amazing, you can customize EVERYTHING! The theme is a game changer for the Envato Market, can’t wait for the future with Flatsome. Soo many good experiences from this, THANKS!

Mark Jance / Facebook

Excellent work. Very good theme, No need support, works perfectly. Congratulations !!
Waiting for version 3.0. Very excited.


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Gianni Ferguson

It took me awhile to decide on this purchase and i finally did was not disappointed, thanks.

Ahmad Boyer

This is legit… I was doubting myself until I bet 500 and flakedealers.com delivered me, It was overnight shipping. Excellent service

Juliana Comb

I thought they were fake when my package delayed 24hrs but next day i was delivered in Australia…keep up.

Ahmad Boyer

This is legit… I was doubting myself until I bet 500 and flakedealers.com delivered me, It was overnight shipping. Excellent service

Chaya Richmond

Great accuracy ….buying for the second time but for someone,pls dnt delay the delivery bc its badly needed
Paid for overnight shipping

Madelyn Paul

I had a small issue with an order. Big THANK YOU to Smith E. for taking care of it and telling me about what to do if I have ideas for something that Chewy might find interesting.Smith was very polite and helpful! Great job, appreciate his assistance!

Jennifer Lyons

Tracked my package through out and got it today right of time
product is of great quality and service is oof
placing my next order right away.

Cyrus Massey

Package well received, Delivery was extremely fast too
I highly recommend.

Clementine York

Amazing, the high I got from this was amazing and the quality was 10/10

Leandro Neal

Hello ,have been looking for a legit site to trust but after reading these reviews i think i can order with them…..lets see how it goes

Talia Ball

Crack is dope and these guys deliver the best…..only adding my name to this comment because they are legit and trustworthy

Sonny Franklin

Sometimes its good to risk it ,rather than depending on doctors prescription and advice that never comes through,trust me nobody understands your pain ,do what works best to relieve you of the stress and anxiety ASAP.

Melissa Hogan

There is no harm in trying something different that helps,instead of waiting for approval from those who dont know how difficult it is to be in your situation.The world is full of shit and know nobody knows you better than you and no one can be you.Get high and be dope if thats what helps.

Callahan Watts

I can’t live without snorting some cocaine powder its a powerful tool for reliving stress

Scout Watts

I am responsible enough not to overdose……i only take it when am in dire need.Anyways nobody understands what you go through other than urself.Do your thing as long as you dnt abuse it.

Mackenzie Cross

Very nice customer service the gentleman I talked to was great . He was professional and answered all my questions. Anyone using this site I believe you can trust them.

Fabian Herrera

Top notch communication. Seller has proven him or her self trustworthy and generous my products arrived.

Ximena Stout

Honest and reliable. Great product. Best vendor around!

Noel Yoder

The service is top notch. The pricing is also quite good. I highly reccommend this place.

Emerie McDaniel

Order received within the week, securely packaged and the perfect size as ordered. Looking good. eventually coming back for more.

Major Frank

Customer service is excellent and super super fast! Translation very accurate! I highly recommend language for your translation needs!

Dior Mathis

Waiting a very long time for delivery although this is not the usual service. I expect it was to do with customs but the delivery eventually came through.

Gustavo Stanley

Pickup and drop off were both timely, no real issues, some extra fees but to be expected as the original costs can’t cover everything.

Gracelyn Mills

They trying their best to give good guidance when placing an order, but it makes it more complicated sometimes if you are not a computer savey. I like their service and follow up.

Alex Mack

I wasn’t certain about the service where I first came across it so I started slow with a few smaller purchases and then in bulk. But all works smoothly and easily and I’m steadily gaining trust in the platform and service.


I would like to have higher ach transfer limits, which would simplify moving my money around. Wire transfer is always an option but I don’t want to pay repeated transfer fees.

Nadia Arias

Flake Dealers shop always exceed my expectations which doesn’t happen often! The care for their customers is simply outstanding,

Alec Wu

Great products and service .
Really easy and safe pandemic click and collect service , the only criticism would be nothing being bagged up .
I had 2 separate packages full of small / fine coke / fragile purchase’s and had to try and get them safely home with no tissue paper packed etc .

Liana Robinson

Awesome Service
My order was an hour late! The delivery man had been in an accident. Waiter refunded my money, proceed the order and it was all at no cost. Now, that’s dedication to service you just don’t see anyone!! Thank God, the driver wasn’t injured in the accident!!

Matthew Dunlap

Gluten Free Sharing Cake
Lovely uncut sharing cake. The coke was delicious you wouldn’t have thought it was uncut. Bought for my husband’s birthday and he loved it. Was delivered on the day I requested. Definitely recommend.

Iliana Ball

I am very happy with Flake Dealers shop customer service They replay very fast and they are so polite. If there is an issue, they react with the solution immediately I talked with Smith and Robert, super experience, they fixed issue immediately 

Ariya Shepherd

Quality is great
Quality is great, and I was always satisfied with my orders Flake Dealers shop is very comfortable and products very tasty and healthy

Ronald Ford

I was highly recommended by a friend so i decided to give a try and it was so great ordering from flakedealers.com